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Wedding in Cambridge (part 1)

Having wedding in Cambridge – is a wonderful thing to do. Walking down the streets such a couple of celebrity: people congratulate you, smile, respectfully look at you, adore and cheer. I think it was a busiest day of Cambridge life. Many families came to support their graduating children. Rona and Aaron did great, like a Royal couple, walked between the crowds proudly and stunning.

Would you like to see more photos of this beautiful couple ?

Here is part two

If you are one of Rona and Aarons friends and hungry for more photos, ask them what’s the password and click this link

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Summertime in Scotland

Being in Scotland is one of our happy memories. The country full of storytales, adventures,  amazingly shaped trees and hundred kind of mosses.

Falkirk is the one of most famous places, thanks to Falkirk whell, which is connecting one Scottish coast to another :)

The kids love to play in this water-playgroung. The place they will remember!

We also visited the wonderfull place which is called Kingdom of Fife!  The kingdon inside the kingdom, ha. I never seen so colourful beach. Green, blue, pink, yellow, oh, here is blavk stone, look! – we screamed to each other.

No wonder that Scotland is so popular. Great views are perfect for the photographers and wedding venues. I would love to ge there againnot only holidays but a photoshoot.

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