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About me

I am glad to see you here! Come in.
I do love photography and could not imagine myself without a camera.



About style

The time flies and children grow so fast. Sometimes we are forgetting about heart-warming moments in our life. It is very important to capture the mood and the feelings of these moments, the spirit of people, especially children.
And photos will keep them long time after.


About photo-session

The photographs are much more natural and personal when people feel comfortable and relaxed. The location is an important part of the image and I would prefer to photograph at a site that is special for you like your home, your favourite park, e.g.


After the session

Please allow  2-3 weeks to retouch and print your photos and 4-8 weeks for the storybook.
You will be given all photographs and your own web-page (up to you) with gallery to view your photographs and share with family and friends.



Thank you again and see you later!

Your Kayce Bee.