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Last updated on 27th January 2017

 The time flies. You will not believe how quick and easy!

The babies grow up and change so fast. Especially the newborns.

The first smile, the first delight…

the first time touched their mother’s lips.

It is very important to save these moments for a lifetime.
But how to capture the joy, tenderness and love?
It is possible.

Hello. I am Ksenia (in Russian Ксения Пчелинцева), I am a professional photographer specializing in Family and Wedding Photography. I like natural light and capture expressive images are sought after by many. I am an on-location photographer, mainly serve Cambridge area, also available for some work outside Cambridgeshire region. Would be happy to travel to London, East
England, Yorkshire, Scotland and abroad.

 Please, visit “Bee-Photo” photoblog and website to see if we suit each other.

Don’t hesitate to leave some comments, send a message, let me know by
which photo you have been impressed the best or just “Like”or “G+1” the post.

So, are you ready to join my photosight? Let’s go.


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